Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been awhile but soooooo much has been going on.
#1 Let it be Us has been released and WOW am I overwhelmed with the responses.
#2 The Finding Solace trilogy is about to be released.
#3 Lost, the first book, will be released on March 1st and I can't wait to show you the gorgeous cover art that I am so proud to have my name on.
#4 Torn, book 2, will be released March 15th
#5 Clarity, the final book will go live April 1st.
# Shelby's book is in the works and will be released early this summer.

Signings are scheduled and ready to be announced.
#1. RT in Vegas
I will be signing Sunday the 16th and can't wait to see you there.
#2. PennedCon in St. Louis this September and I am looking forward the 3rd annual event I have yet to miss

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